Another Metal Podcast Episode 41

Another Metal Podcast Episode 41

Feb 01


A Bigger Badder Metal Show


Hope everyone got some good headbanging in with last week’s twenty-episode round-up, I like doing those extra sized ones. Which is why the new show length is a regular two hours, up from a measly one. Double the time = double the new underground heavy fucking metal to play. This will give the show a bit more meat for chewing since it’s only weekly, and it will give me some more space to play with when sequencing the playlists (proper DJing is a lost craft in modern times and I like to think the show is somewhat unique for having flowing tracklists).

Bands this week hail from the US, Sweden, Chile, Finland, Germany, Spain, Armenia, Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia. Browse the playlist for all the pretty cover art and links, if you like a track make sure to head over to the band’s site and pick up some merch.

Now on to the metal!



Episode 41 Playlist:


Substratum – Who Am I (0:24)

Seattle. From their debut self-titled album out through Swords and Chains.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Swords and Chains

Thunder and Lightning – Eternally Awake (4:48)

Germany. Off their new album ‘The Ages Will Turn’.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Ravenous – Into the Abyss (9:36)

Alberta, CA. Off their ‘Eternal Hunger’ EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram

Krullur – Blown to Oblivion (13:37)

Texas. New EP ‘…Failure to Comply’ out through Horror. Pain. Gore. Death. Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, H.P.G.D

Scalpture – Lead From Ahead (17:04)

Germany. From the new album ‘Panzerdoktrin’, out through Final Gate Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Final Gate Records

Wormlight – The Bloodfields (20:57)

Sweden. Re-issued EP ‘Bloodfields’, out through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Black Lion Records

Panzerfaust – Axis Mundi (25:31)

Canada. From their new EP ‘The Lucifer Principle’, out through Avantgarde Music.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Avantgarde Music

Ignis Gehenna – Edict of Blood (29:24)

Australia. From the new album ‘Baleful Scarlet Star’, out through Seance Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Seance Records

Acranius – Built on Tradition (40:33)

Germany. From their new album, ‘Reign of Terror’ out through Rising Nemesis Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Rising Nemesis Records

Technikill – Hellskull Valley (43:52)

Indonesia. From their current promo.

Bandcamp, Twitter, YouTube

Devation – Wake Up (47:25)

Sweden. From their new album ‘Giants’.

Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube

Call of the Void – On and On (52:03)

Colorado. Off their ‘AYFKM’ album, out through Translation Loss Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Translation Loss Records

Angela Martyr – Deathwish (55:46)

Italy. From their new album ‘The November Harvest’, out through Avantgarde Music.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Avantgarde Music

Dawnbringer – North By North (1:00:45)

US. Off their latest EP ‘XX’, out through Ektro Records.

Bandcamp, Ektro Records

Diablerie – Rabid (Dogs of Church and State) (1:07:50)

Finland. Off their new album ‘The Catalyst vol 1: Control’, out through Primitive Reaction.

Website, Facebook, Primitive Reaction

Teramobil – Thanatonaut (1:11:38)

Quebec. From their new EP ‘Magnitude of Thought’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Temple of Demigod – The Awakening of A Mighty One (1:19:18)

Armenia. New album ‘The Great Old Ones’, out through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Black Lion Records

This Eternal Cold – Souleater (1:24:25)

New York. From the new album ‘Abyssal’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Big Cartel

Malämmar – I (1:29:43)

Spain. From their new album ‘Vendetta’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Condenados – Burn (1:34:38)

Chile. New album ‘The Tree of Death’, out through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Shadow Kingdom Records

Ketch – En Nomine Eius (1:40:32)

Colorado. From their new album ‘The Anthems of Dread’ out through Aesthetic Death.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Aesthetic Death

Herem – Drowning Steed (1:47:19)

Finland. From their new album ‘III’, out through Inverse Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Inverse Records

Lascar – Regions of Light (1:54:00)

Chile. Off their new album ‘Absence’, out through A Sadness Song Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, A Sadness Song

Nachtzeit – Där Allting Har Sin Början (2:01:37)

Sweden. From his new album ‘Sagor I Natten’ out through Nordvis Produktion.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Nordvis Produktion