Another Metal Podcast Episode 40

Another Metal Podcast Episode 40

Jan 23


Metal Recap


If you caught episode 20 of this little heavy metal podcast, you’ll remember I tried out an extended recap format where I picked some of my favorite tracks of the first twenty episodes. Well, we’re twenty deep again with episode 40, so this week is another 2-hour compilation of my top picks since then. If you want to browse through the old playlists and listen to the episodes where these tracks originally aired head over to the show’s main page, or you can access them all from the main podcast distributors (iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, etc.). As usual, please check out any band that strikes your interest and support ’em by picking up their music and merch.

Now on to the metal!



Episode 40 Playlist:

A Sense of Gravity – Artificially Ever After (0:32)

Seattle. From their second album, ‘Atrament’. (See my review here)

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Obscure Sphinx – Sepulchre (6:39)

Poland. From the new album ‘Epitaphs’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

MOASE (Memoirs of a Secret Empire) – Whorl (12:20)

Portugal. From the debut album ‘Vertigo’ out through Signal Rex.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram

Adaestuo – The Abyss (21:32)

From the new album ‘Tacent Semitae’, out through W.T.C. Productions

Bandcamp, Facebook, W.T.C. Productions

Far Beyond – The Song Remains the Same (27:18)

Germany. From the new album, ‘A Frozen Flame of Ice’, out through Aeterna Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Aeterna Records

Mavradoxa – Tempest of Dreams (35:48)

New York. Debut ‘Sojourners’ album.

Bandcamp, Facebook

The Exiled Martyr – Vexatious Cognition (44:15)

Arizona. Debut album ‘Stagnant Waters Breed Life’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Nukem – Evelyn’s Awakening (48:13)

California. Debut full-length album ‘The Unholy Trinity’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Bewitcher – Speed ‘Til You Bleed (52:24)

Portland, OR. Self-titled debut, CD out through Divebomb Records, vinyl out through Diabolic Might Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Divebomb Records, Diabolic Might Records

Hobbs’ Angel of Death – Walk My Path (54:45)

Australia. From the new album ‘Heaven Bled’, out through Hells Headbangers

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Hells Headbangers

Barbarian Swords – Outcast Warlords (1:00:03)

Spain. Off their new album ‘Worms’, out through Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Darkrypt – Chasm of Death (1:06:12)

India. From the new album ‘Delirious Excursion’ out through Transcending Obscurity.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Transcending Obscurity

Altar of Oblivion – State of Decay (1:12:11)

Denmark. ‘Barren Grounds’ EP out through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Shadow Kingdom Records

Clouds Taste Satanic – Retribution (1:17:11)

New York. From their third LP ‘Dawn of the Satanic Age’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Cross Vault – A Hand Moving Mountains (1:23:53)

Germany. Off their new EP ‘Miles to Take’ out through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Trees of Eternity – My Requiem (1:31:34)

Sweden. From the new album ‘Hour of the Nightingale’, out through Svart Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Svart Records

Vanha – Reaching the End (1:37:32)

Sweden. Off their new album ‘Within the Mist of Sorrow’, out through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Black Lion Records

Colosso – Of Hollow Judgments (1:42:42)

Portugal. From the album ‘Obnoxious’.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook

Mare Cognitum – Aether Wind (1:48:15)

California. New album ‘Luminiferous Aether’ out through I, Voidhanger Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, I, Voidhanger Records

Murg – Djupt ner, där frosten inte biter (1:56:35)

Sweden. From their new album ‘Gudatall’, out through Nordvis Produktion.

Bandcamp, Nordvis

Netherbird – Pillars of the Sky (2:01:53)

Sweden. New album ‘The Grander Voyage’, out through Black Lodge Records.

Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Black Lodge Records


Profanal – Burn the Altar (2:09:11)

Italy. From their second album ‘Supreme Fire’ out via Iron Tyrant.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Tyrant


Brutally Deceased – Hostile Earth (2:13:19)

Czech Republic. New album ‘Satanic Corpse’ out now through Doomentia Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Doomentia Records


Wastewalker – The Consumption (2:16:43)

California. From the new album ‘Funeral Winds’.

Bandcamp, Facebook


Thanks for listening to the second twenty episode roundup, the show is starting a new 2-hour format next week so make sure to subscribe, stream, or download to get an even bigger dose of new heavy metal! \m/