Another Metal Podcast Episode 84

Another Metal Podcast Episode 84

Apr 23

AMP - A Heavy Metal Podcast


The Heaviest of Heavy Metal


Like the episode title says, this is a pretty damn heavy one. Granted, they always are but this week’s slab of heavy just feels…heavier. Lots of brutality is on display thanks to an abundance of solid heavy metal releases lately, especially in the past month. Make sure to check out the bands that strike your fancy and pick up some of their music and merch. If you want to help the show while you’re at it, remember to rate and review the show if you’re using iTunes, or just get the word out and tell your metalhead friends so these awesome bands can get their music in more ears.

Now on to the tunes!



Episode 84 Playlist:


Inferi – Behold the Bearer of Light (0:37)

Tennessee. New album ‘Revenant’ out April 21 through Artisan Era.

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Xenoblight – Nocturnal Manifestations (7:04)

Denmark. Debut album ‘Procreation’ out independently.

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Merch, Facebook, Instagram

Lecherous Nocturne – Unidimensional Eclipse (14:01)

South Carolina. New album ‘Occultaclysmic’ out through Willowtip Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Skeletal Remains – Devouring Mortality (18:20)

California. Third album ‘Devouring Mortality’ out through Dark Descent Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Eagduru (23:38)

UK. New split with Slomatics out through Black Bow Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter


Slomatics – Ancient Architects (33:58)

Northern Ireland. New split with Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard out through Black Bow Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Black Salvation – Floating Torpid (42:09)

Germany. New album ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ out through Relapse Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Altars of Grief – Desolation (46:13)

Saskatchewan, CA. Second album ‘Iris’ out through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Scientist – Barbelith (53:23)

Illinois. Third album ‘Barbelith’ out independently.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Distances – God Rest (59:31)

New Mexico. New album ‘Diableries’ out independently.

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook

Deadly Carnage – Hyle (1:06:33)

Italy. New album ‘Through the Void, Above the Suns’ out through A Sadness Song.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Offret – We Are Waiting (1:10:46)

Russia. New split EP with Black Mare ‘Alone Among Mirrors’ out through Dark Operative.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, VK

Wormlight – Feast of the Mountain Kin (1:18:12)

Sweden. New album ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ out April 25 through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook

Quantum Hierarchy – The Third of Capricornus (1:26:29)

Italy. Debut EP ‘Neutron Breed’ out through Everlasting Spew.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Abjection Ritual – Body of Filth (1:30:00)

Pennsylvania. Second album ‘Soul of Ruin, Body of Filth’ out through Malignant Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Shrine of the Serpent – Desecrated Tomb (1:33:13)

Oregon. Debut album ‘Entropic Disillusion’ out through Memento Mori.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Of Feather and Bone – Pious Abnormality (1:42:36)

Colorado. New album ‘Bestial Hymns of Perversion’ out through Profound Lore.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Nigredo – Mental Glimpses at Cosmic Horrors (1:46:36)

Greece. New album ‘Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced’ out through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Scarificare – Crystal Skull (1:51:40)

Portugal. Third album ‘Tilasm’ out through Helldprod Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Adzalaan – False Cleansing (1:57:30)

Oregon. Debut album ‘Into Vermillion Mirrors’ out through Invictus Productions and Vrasubatlat.


Neolithic – Cult of Ignorance (2:03:11)

Maryland. New EP ‘Cult of Ignorance’ out through Deep Six Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram

Scorched – Fevered Souls (2:06:24)

Delaware. New album ‘Excavated for Evisceration’ out through 20 Buck Spin.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Vomitor – Abracadabra (2:09:50)

Australia. Fourth album ‘Pestilent Death’ out through Hells Headbangers.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Vahrzaw – Fiends in the Aether (2:14:35)

Australia. Third album ‘Husk’ out through Blood Harvest.

Bandcamp, Facebook