Another Metal Podcast Episode 73

Another Metal Podcast Episode 73

Nov 13

AMP - A Heavy Metal Podcast


It Really Is Just A Bunch Of Noise


I don’t know if it was my mood lately, the time of year, or just pure happenstance but this episode turned out pretty damn ugly. But in a good way, because I’m talking about the abrasive, vile, and caustic music and not the production of the show (that’s always been complete shit). There’s not a clean sounding song on this one and it and the blocks of songs alternate between blackened brutality and sonic sludge. Just what the metal doctor ordered.



Episode 73 Playlist:


Retortion Terror – Trench (0:39)

Japan. New split with Invidiosus out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Bandcamp, HPGD


Invidiosus – From the 16th Floor (1:49)

Minnesota. New split with Retortion Terror out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, HPGD

Gutslit – Brazen Bull (3:34)

India. New album ‘Amputheatre’ out through Transcending Obscurity.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Transcending Obscurity

Nihil Eyes – True Nihilist (6:35)

UK. Debut album ‘Black Path’ out independently.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Hexis – Famelicus (10:55)

Denmark. New EP ‘XII’ out through Crown & Throne and Moment of Collapse

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Crown & Throne, Moment of Collapse

Devlsy – Hatching Tomb (14:45)

Lithuania. New album ‘Private Suite’ out through ATMF.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, ATMF

Dom Zły – Tramp (20:09)

Poland. Debut self-titled EP out through Unquiet Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Unquiet Records

Caïnan Dawn – Mara (23:33)

France. New album ‘F.O.H.A.T.’ out through Osmose Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Osmose Productions

Year of the Cobra – And They Sang… (30:38)

Washington. New EP ‘Burn Your Dead’ out through Magnetic Eye Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Magnetic Eye

Pale Mare – Descolada (34:08)

Canada. Self-titled EP out through Medusa Crush Recordings.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Medusa Crush

Boson – Mass of the Phoenix (39:52)

Minnisota. Debut album ‘Domain of Ember’ out Nov 3 through Anxious and Angry.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Anxious ad Angry

Primitive Man – Sterility (44:13)

Colorado. New album ‘Caustic’ out through Relapse Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Relapse

Cryptic Fog – Cursed Oil Upon the Abhorrent Ido (50:52)

IN/IL. Debut album ‘Staring Through the Veil’ out Oct 27 through Blood Harvest.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Blood Harvest

Malleus – The Wolf (57:17)

Massachusetts. Debut album ‘Storm of Witchcraft’ out Oct 27 through Blood Harvest.

Bandcamp, Blood Harvest

Sacroscum – Gutter.Moloch.God (100:37)

Germany. New album ‘Drugs & Death’ out Oct 28 through Unholy Prophecies.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Unholy Prophesies

Kawir – Oedipus (1:04:01)

Greece. Seventh album ‘Exilasmos’ out Nov 3 through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Somnuri – Pulling Teeth (1:11:49)

New York. Debut self-titled album out independently.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Prostitution – Hypergiant (1:16:45)

New York. New ‘Egyptian Blue’ EP out independently.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

A Pale December – Cimmerian Veil (1:23:21)

Italy. Debut album ‘The Shrine of Primal Fire’ out on CD Nov 7 through Avantgarde Music.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Avantgarde Music

Jupiterian – Unearthly Glow (1:30:02)

Brazil. New album ‘Terraforming’ out Nov 15 through Transcending Obscurity.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Transcending Obscurity

Ah Ciliz – Cascadia (1:38:58)

Seattle. New ‘Origins’ split with Chiral out Nov 6 through Hypnotic Dirge and Throats Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, HDR, Throats Productions


Chiral – A Feeble Glare of Autumn (1:45:43)

Italy. New ‘Origins’ split with Ah Ciliz out Nov 6 through Hypnotic Dirge and Throats Productions.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, HDR, Throats Productions

Las Casas Viejas – Klaustrophobie (1:49:25)

Germany/Austria. New album ‘Goule//H’ out through Alerta Antifascista Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Alerta Antifascista

Zgard – Confession of Voiceless (1:55:47)

Ukraine. New album ‘Within the Swirl of Black Vigor’ out independently.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, VK