Another Metal Podcast Episode 56

Another Metal Podcast Episode 56

Jun 05

AMP, A Heavy Metal Podcast


Progressive Blackened Hardcore Stoner Death Metal


I should make it a habit of coining new genres based on these playlists… Or not, definitely not. But I will still bring you beautiful people some killer new underground heavy metal every week, just like this new batch coming from Canada, US, UK (including Scotland), Finland, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Chile, Australia, Poland, France, Russia, Germany, and Spain.

Remember to give the show a rating and review wherever you’re listening to it; it really helps get these bands more exposure, and that makes you a good metalhead.

Now on to the loudness!



Episode 56 Playlist:


Dark Matter Secret – Organic Nucleation (0:29)

Russia. Off their debut album ‘Perfect World Creation’, out through The Artisan Era Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Artisan Era

Legerity – Above the Sky (7:57)

Australia. Off their new EP ‘Mind//Shift’, out independently.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook

Cold Insight – The Light We Are (12:24) 5:32

France. From the second album ‘Further Nowhere’, out through Rain Without End.

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Rain Without End

Infinight – For the Crown (17:54)

Germany. From their new EP ‘Fifteen’, out independently.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook

Unausprechlichen Kulten – Dentro del Circulo (25:25)

Chile. Off their new album ‘Keziah Lilith Medea’, out through Iron Bonehead.

Spotify, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Aposento – Portrait of a Killer (29:57)

Spain. From their new album ‘Bleed to Death’, out through Xtreem Music June 12.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Xtreem Music

Apallic – Masked Insanity (33:03)

Germany. Off their debut full-length album ‘Of Fate and Sanity’, out through Boersma Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Boersma Records

Cemetery Urn – Weakened Mortals Bleed (39:36)

Australia. Off their new self-titled third album, out through Hells Headbangers.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Hells Headbangers

Hive – Acephalite (45:03) 3:49

Minnesota. From their new album ‘Parasitic Twin’, out through Crown & Thorn Ltd.

Bandcamp, Crown & Thorn Ltd

Anthesis – Where’s the Dignity? (48:53)

Canada. Off their new album ‘The Age of Self’, out June 9 through Hibernation Release (US) and Ancient Temple Recordings (Can).

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Hibernation Release, Ancient Temple Recordings

Satanarchist – Be At Peace (50:45)

Oregon. Off their second album ‘First Against the Wall’, out independently.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Kalopsia – Not Peace but Pestilence (55:26)

New Jersey. Off their new album ‘Angelplague’, out through Horror. Pain. Gore. Death. Productions.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, H.P.G.D

Pyreship – Machine Men (1:00:23)

Texas. From their debut album ‘The Liars Bend Low’, out through Black Bow Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Black Bow Records

WhiteNails – Dead in Time (feat. Gabrielle Shonk) (1:07:21)

Québec. Off their debut album ‘First Trip’, out through Magnetic Eye Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Magnetic Eye Records

Space Witch – Astro Genocide (1:12:30)

UK. From their new album ‘Arcanum’, out June 9th through HeviSike Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, HeviSike

Roctum – We Want More (1:18:34)

Finland. From their new EP ‘Nothing to do with Hell’, out through Inverse Records.

Spotify, Facebook, Inverse Records

Red Moon Architect – Return of the Black Butterflies (1:22:37)

Finland. Off their new album ‘Return of the Black Butterflies’, out through Inverse Records.

Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Inverse Records

Loathfinder – Feast on My Entrails (1:29:11)

Poland. Off their debut EP ‘The Great Tired Ones’, out through Godz ov War Productions.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Godz ov War Productions

Svartsyn – Seven Headed Snake (1:35:59)

Sweden. Off the new album ‘In Death’, out June 9 through Agonia Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Agonia Records

Prometheus – Hand of War (1:43:23)

Greece. From their new album ‘Consumed in Flames’, out through Katoptron IX Records.

Facebook, Katoptron IX Records (merch)

Legacy of Emptiness – Despair (1:50:17)

Norway. From their second album ‘Over the Past’, out through Black Lion Records June 12.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Black Lion Records

In Reverence – The Selected Breed (1:54:49)

Sweden. Title track from their debut full-length album out through Non Serviam Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Non Serviam

Bloodthread – …for I am the Butcher (1:58:40)

Scotland. Off their new EP ‘Era of Corruption’, out independently.

Website, Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook

Tsar Stangra – Obesvaneto na Vasil Levski (2:05:36)

Québec. From their debut album ‘Celestial Forger’, out independently.

Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube