Another Metal Podcast Episode 53

Another Metal Podcast Episode 53

May 16


All New Heavy Metal, With Few Exceptions


Picking two hours worth of new heavy metal is a double edged sword; the kind of sword Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road sing about. On one hand it’s a great excuse to spend my free time listening to truck-loads of new music, on the other hand I have to spend my time listening to truck-loads of new music. I miss you Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road…

Said new music this week comes from the distant lands of Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, US, India, Sweden, Finland, Catalonia, Romania, UK, Greece, France, and, by coincidence, an extra helping from Denmark.

Now on to the music!



Episode 53 Playlist:

Ajattara – Sinä (0:35)

Finland. Off their new album ‘Lupaus’, out through Svart Records.

Website, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Svart Records

Marthyrium – Abominations (5:16)

Spain. Off their new album ‘Beyond the Thresholds’, out through Black Seed Productions.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Black Seed

Inhumation – Dormant Fires (11:10)

Maryland. Off their third EP ‘Ontogenesis’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Plague Throat – Fallible Transgression (15:24)

India. From their debut album ‘The Human Paradox’, out May 30th through Transcending Obscurity.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Transcending Obscurity

Akerbeltz – A Deed Without a Name (22:24)

Catalonia. Off their new album ‘Satanic’, out through Black Seek Productions.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Black Seed

Gravstenad – Lust Och Fägring (25:51)

Sweden. Off their current demo.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Saudade – Black Death (30:17)

Canada. Off their split EP ‘From the Mist, We Are But Dust’ with Sunspell, out through Iron Bonehead June 9th.

Bandcamp (band), Bandcamp (split), Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Blackhand – 5th Night (33:34)

Texas. From their current demo.


The Thirteenth Sun – The Fabric of Time (37:19)

Romania. Off their new album ‘Stardust’, out through Aural Music

Bandcamp, Facebook, Aural Music

Isbjörg – Glacier (44:38)

Denmark. Title track from their new EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Summoner – The Huntress (51:53)

Maryland. Off their new album ‘Beyond the Realm of Light’, out through Magnetic Eye Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Magnetic Eye Records

Stone Cadaver – Sccum (57:27)

Denmark. Off their debut album ‘Reject Remove Replace’, out through LongLife Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, LongLife Records

Divine Element – Call of the Blade (1:04:17)

Greece. Off their second album, ‘Thaurachs of Borsu’, out through I, Voidhangar Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, I, Voidhangar

Pictura Poesis – The Paralytic Child (1:10:48)

Netherlands. Off their new album ‘Miseriae Mundi’.

Website, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram

Lying Figures – The Mirror (1:14:14)

France. Off their full-length debut ‘The Abstract Escape’, out through Rain Without End.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Rain Without End

The Hallowed Catharsis – Phototaxic (1:19:25)

Canada. From the new album ‘Solar Cremation’.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ensnared – Antiprophet (1:25:21)

Sweden. From their debut album ‘Dysangelium’, out through Invictus Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Invictus Productions

Horrid – The Eyes of Terror (1:30:06)

Italy. From their fifth album ‘Beyond the Dark Border’, out through Dunkelheit Produktionen June 1st.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Dunkelheit Produktionen

Suffering Hour – Devouring Shapeless Void (1:35:06)

Minnesota. Off their debut album out through Blood Harvest Records May 26th.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Blood Harvest

Strangle Wire – The Narcissist (1:39:19)

Northern Ireland. From their new single ‘Narcissism’, out through Grindscene Records.

Facebook, Merch, Grindscene Records

A Flourishing Scourge – Tidal Waves (1:45:18)

Seattle. Off their self-titled debut album.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Mountains Crave – Arise O Magnificent Sun (1:55:09)

UK. From their debut album ‘As We Were When We Were Not’, out through Avantgarde Music.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Avantgarde Music

Sunken – Departure (2:01:45)

Denmark. Title track from their new album, out through Triton’s Orbit.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Triton’s Orbit

Aetheric – Irreparable Trauma (2:13:11)

Minnesota. From their debut album ‘Serpents Beneath the Shrine’.

Bandcamp, Facebook