Another Metal Podcast Episode 49

Another Metal Podcast Episode 49

Apr 11


They’re Not Angry, They’re Expressive


If you’re a metalhead, then you’ve heard the question, “Are you angry?” when your music is overheard by ‘normals’ at least 243,198 times in your life. And we all know it’s not the music that makes us angry; it’s the asshat asking the question that fuels the fury of anyone who grew up at odds with a world that simply doesn’t understand why Vader is the sickest shit on the planet.

So let’s help make is easy for people to make us angry and listen to some nifty tunes from bands coming from places like the US, UK, Quebec, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, and a first for the show, Saudi Arabia.



Episode 49 Playlist:

Satan’s Hallow – Still Alive (0:22)

Illinois. From their self-titled debut album.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Deathwish – Rock and Roll is One Hell of a Drug (5:23)

Wisconsin. Off their new album ‘Unleash Hell’, out through Beer City.

Spotify, Facebook, Beer City

Sigil – Strange Aeons (9:52)

Texas. Off their new album ‘Kingdom of the Grave’, out through Horror. Pain. Gore. Death.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, H.P.G.D.

Appalling – Secrets of the Adept (14:45) 4:04

Virginia. Title track off their debut album.

Bandcamp, Facebook


Buckshot Facelift – Ascend to Descend (19:40)

New York. From their new album ‘Ulcer Island’, out through Paragon Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Paragon Records

Basement Torture Killings – There’s Something About Beryl (22:26)

UK. Title track off their new album, out through Grindscene Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Merch, Grindscene Records

Pyriphlegethon – Funeral Bells (26:56)

Netherlands. From his second album, ‘The Murky Black of Eternal Night’, out on vinyl through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Drug Honkey – Sickening Wastoid (31:02)

Illinois. From their new album ‘Cloak of Skies’, out through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Transcending Obscurity


Azarath – Let My Blood Become His Flesh (38:41)

Poland. From their new album ‘In Extremis’, out through Agonia Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Agonia

Nox Vorago – Elenu Tiamtu (41:59)

Sweden. Off their new album ‘Al Chem’.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Orm – Ancient Echoes (48:47)

Denmark. From their self-titled debut album, out through Indisciplinarian.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Indisciplinarian

First Martyr – Image of Dying Victims, Mournful Plea of Helplessness (55:42)

Russian. From their debut album ‘End of Fucking Faith’.

Bandcamp, VK

The Riven – One Last Time (1:03:40)

UK. Off their ‘Blackbird’ debut EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Mexican Chili Funeral Party – Power of Love (1:08:56)

Italy. Off their new album ‘Mexican Warrior’s Revenge’, out through Sliptrick Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Sliptrick Records

Season of Arrows – Farewell to the Horsemen (1:12:48)

Tennessee. From their second album ‘Give it to the Mountain’, out through Argonauta Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Argonauta Records

Alunah – Feast of Torches (1:19:19)

UK. From their new album, ‘Solennial’, out through Svart Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Svart Records


Katakomb – Chained to a Wolf (1:27:21)

Sweden. Off their new single, out on tape through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Iron Bonehead

Sacrament ov Impurity – Sepulture of Modern Man (1:33:46)

Washington. Off their new album ‘The Purest of Sins’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Barathrum – Hellspawn (1:42:02)

Finland. Off their new album ‘Fanatiko’, out through Saturnal Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Saturnal Records

A Lie Nation – Shooting the Messenger (1:46:02)

Finland. From their ‘Begin Hate’ EP, out through Inverse Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Inverse Records

Al-Namrood – Nabth (1:51:54)

Saudi Arabia. From their new album ‘Enkar’, out through Shaytan Productions.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Shaytan Productions

The Sarcophagus – The Profanity Rites (1:55:49)

Turkey. From their new album ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’, out through Satanath Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Satanath Records

Hellfire – Hellmas Attack (2:02:36)

Ukraine. From their new album ‘Goat Revenge’, out through Witches Brew.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Witches Brew

Blessed Curse – Sent to Die (2:05:17)

California. Off their new ‘Beware of the Night’ EP, out through M-Theory Audio.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, M-Theory Audio