Another Metal Podcast Episode 43

Another Metal Podcast Episode 43

Feb 22


Hell is for Headbangers


Here’s this week’s batch of new metal from the global underground. It’s pretty heavy on the death and black, but there’s definitely some curve-balls thrown in for good measure, like some stoner tunes and a little prog rock. Countries represented this week include the US, Finland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, and France.

Use the playlist below to get the cover art and links to all the music played, and speaking of cover art I’ve started an Instagram for the podcast to basically stream the album covers of each band played every week. So if you’re an album art junkie make sure to follow it. New episodes are also being uploaded to Soundcloud for those of you who prefer to get your music and podcasting through there.

Now on to the metal!



Episode 43 Playlist:

White Death – Immortal Hunter of the Moon (0:20)

Finland. Off their self-titled debut, out through Werewolf Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Werewolf Records

Tomb Mold – Bereavement of Flesh (4:30)

Canada. Off their debut album ‘Primordial Malignity’, out through Blood Harvest Records.

Bandcamp, Blood Harvest

Haxxan – Babalon (8:08)

Ohio. From their debut album ‘Loch Ness Rising’, out through Hells Headbangers.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Hells Headbangers

The Vomiting Dinosaurs – Circumbinary (13:19)

Virginia. From their new album ‘Exoplanets’ through Grimoire Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Grimoire Records

Midnight – Who Gives a Fuck (16:51)

Ohio. Off the ‘Shox of Violence’ collection, out through Hells Headbangers.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, Hells Headbangers

Lucifer’s Fall – (Fuck You) We’re Lucifer’s Fall (19:47)

Australia. From their second album ‘Cursed & Damned’, out through Nine Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Nine Records

Coldborn – In Solitude (22:57)

Belgium. Off the album ‘Lingering Voidwards’, out through Final Sacrifice Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Skeletal – Sewers of this World (31:36)

Finland. Off their debut album ‘Dreadful Life’, out through Inverse Records.

Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Inverse Records

Frowning – Nocturnal Void (37:46)

Germany. Second full-length from the one-man project, fronted by Val.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Black Lion Records

Gloson – Prowler (4:22)

Sweden. From their debut album ‘Grimen’, out through Art of Propaganda.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, Art of Propaganda

Draugsól – Váboðans Vals (55:32)

Iceland. Off their debut album ‘Volaða Land’, out through Signal Rex.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Signal Rex

Shaarimoth – Lord of Putrefaction (1:00:27)

Norway. From their second album ‘Temple of the Adversarial Fire’, out through W.T.C. Productions.

Website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, W.T.C. Productions

Henry Kane – Bön för bön (1:06:55)

Sweden. From the album ‘Den Förstörda Människans Rike’, out through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, Transcending Obscurity

Axis of Despair – Enclave (1:08:35)

Sweden. From their EP ‘Mankind Crawls’, out through Give Praise Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Give Praise Records

Vorzug – Under a Dying Sun (1:09:55)

Arizona. From their ‘Three’ EP, out through Apollyon Entertainment.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

Terrifier – Bestial Tyranny (1:14:19)

BC, Canada. Off their second album ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’, out through Test Your Metal Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Test Your Metal

Dryland – Second Hand Smoke (1:21:34)

Washington. Off their self-titled debut.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook

Bantha Rider – Sandcrawler (1:27:10)

Poland. From their self-titled debut EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Riviẽre – New Cancer (1:33:29)

France. Off their debut LP ‘Heal’, out through Basick Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Merch, Twitter

I AM – Sacred Cries (1:41:59) 3:27

Texas. Off their new album ‘Life Through Torment’.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Merch, Facebook, Twitter

Thormesis – Waheelas Fährter (1:46:28)

Germany. Off their ‘Trümmerfarben’ album, out through MDD Records.

Facebook, Spotify, MDD Records

Sons ov Omega – Quetzalcoatl (1:54:09)

Umea, Sweden. From their debut album ‘Reign’, out through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Black Lion Records

A Cunning Man – Honorius & The Choral Forecast (2:00:16)

Scotland. From the debut EP ‘Practical Applications of Theurgy’.

Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook

Sanatana – Mukti (2:04:16)

Ukraine. Off their ‘Brahmavidya’ double album, out through Rising Moon.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook