Another Metal Podcast Episode 42

Another Metal Podcast Episode 42

Feb 14


It’s a Podcast, It Plays Heavy Metal

Here’s your 2-hour lump of new underground metal for this week. And when I say underground, I really do mean it; this stuff is dug up from some awfully obscure parts of the metal world at large. Said parts including the likes of the US, Spain, Germany, Italy, Chile, Finland, Iceland, Canada, UK, France, Hungary, and Australia.

The playlist is below, make sure to check out the bands that get your neck cracking and pick up some of their music and merch. If you’re not already subscribed to the show on your podcast platform of choice, head over to the main page for links and think about giving the show a rating or review; it really helps spread the word on these bands.

Now on to the metal!



Episode 42 Playlist:

Call of the Void – Are You Fucking Kidding Me (0:18)

Colorado. Off their ‘AYFKM’ album, out through Translation Loss Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Translation Loss Records

Dead War – A Sinister Process (2:02)

California. From their new EP ‘The Triumph of Death’, out through Horror. Pain. Gore. Death.

Bandcamp, Facebook, H.P.G.D.

Code – Affliction (3:49)

UK. From their ‘Lost Signal’ EP, out through Agonia Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Agonia

Cranial – Lights (7:14)

Germany. Off their ‘Dark Towers, Bright Lights’ EP, out through Moment of Collapse Records.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Moment of Collapse

Malämmar – III (18:07)

Spain. From their new album ‘Vendetta’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

The Ossuary – Blood on the Hill (25:14)

Italy. From their new album ‘Post Mortem Blues’ out through Supreme Chaos Records.

Facebook, Supreme Chaos Records

Substratum – By Any Means (29:22)

Seattle. From their debut self-titled album out through Swords and Chains.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Swords and Chains

Lucifer’s Fall – Cursed Priestess (35:23)

Australia. From their second album ‘Cursed & Damned’, out through Nine Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Nine Records

Thunder and Lightning – Silent Watcher (43:03)

Germany. Off their new album ‘The Ages Will Turn’.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Krullur – Your Worst Enemy (49:22)

Texas. New EP ‘…Failure to Comply’ out through Horror. Pain. Gore. Death. Productions.

Bandcamp, Facebook, H.P.G.D

Tomb Mold – Merciless Watcher (52:27)

Canada. Off their debut album ‘Primordial Malignity’, out through Blood Harvest Records.

Bandcamp, Blood Harvest

Gutted – Consuming Life (56:14)

Hungary. From their fourth album ‘Martyr Creation’, out through Xtreem Music.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Xtreem Music

Infamovs – Call Upon Blasphemovs (59:02)

Chile. Off their debut album ‘Under the Seals of Death’, out through Memento Mori.

Soundcloud, Facebook, Memento Mori

Draugsól – Formæling (1:03:12)

Iceland. Off their debut album ‘Volaða Land’, out through Signal Rex.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Signal Rex

Horn – Turn am Hang (1:08:07)

Germany. From the new album ‘Turm am Hang’, out through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

The Flight of Sleipner – Earthen Shroud (1:13:12)

Colorado. Off their new album ‘Skadi’, out through Eisenwald.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Eisenwald

Mustan Kuun Lapset – Kuolemanvirta (1:21:48)

Finland. From their album ‘Saatto’, out through Inverse Records.

Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Inverse Records

IC Rex – Melek-Taus (1:28:36)

Finland. From the album ‘Tulen Jumalat’, out through Saturnal Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Saturnal Records

Ekpyrosis – Obsessive Christendom (1:35:02)

Italy. From their debut album ‘Asphyxiating Devotion’, out through Memento Mori.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Memento Mori

Quintessenz – The Claws of Nosferatu (1:38:21)

Germany. From the new album ‘To the Gallows’, out through Evil Spell Records.

Facebook, Evil Spell Records

Aksaya – Fractale (1:42:37)

France. Off their second album ‘Kepler’, out through Satanath Records.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Satanath Records

Andhera – Refluence (1:47:14)

Pennsylvania. Off their debut EP ‘Liminality’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Centrate – Soul Collector (1:51:36)

Germany. From their ‘Ritual’ debut.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Terrifier – Deceiver (1:56:52)

BC, Canada. Off their second album ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’, out through Test Your Metal Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Test Your Metal

Rückwater – No Gain (2:02:08)

Finland. From their album ‘Bonehead’ out through Secret Entertainment.

Facebook, Twitter, Secret Entertainment