Another Metal Podcast Episode 38

Another Metal Podcast Episode 38

Jan 01


Tis The Season For Metal


One of the web’s few music-only shows for new heavy metal (it’s true, look it up) took the holiday weekend off, so metal Christmas is coming late kids. And Satan’s version of Santa really does get around the world because this week’s music is coming from the US, Finland, El Salvador, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, France, Sweden, and Switzerland. The full playlist is below, replete with cover art and links to the bands and labels. If you like something you hear, check out the band and be sure to spread the word to your metal brethren.

Now on to the music!



Episode 38 Playlist:

Voodoo Terror Tribe – Cell (0:23)

New Jersey. From their new album ‘The Sun Shining Cold’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Satan’s Fall – The Beast Rises (4:59)

Finland. From their new ‘Metal of Satan’ EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Conceived by Hate – Crossroad of Fire (9:03)

El Salvador. Off their new album ‘Death & Beyond’, out through Morbid Skull Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Morbid Skull Records

Morbitory – Angelgrinder (13:36)

Germany. From their new EP ‘Into the Morbitory’.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Sonus Mortis – No Escape (18:35)

Ireland. From their new album ‘Hail the Tragedies of Man’.

Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

The Lifted Veil – Everything Burns (23:40)

Finland. From their new album ‘The Wicked Shall Inherit the Earth’.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud

Mordskog – Mors Est Vitae Essentia (26:27)

Mexico. Off their debut album ‘XIII’, out through Werewolf Records and Hells Headbangers.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Werewolf Records, Hells Headbangers

Murg – Vargens ständiga vakan (30:37)

Sweden. From their new album ‘Gudatall’, out through Nordvis Produktion.

Bandcamp, Nordvis

Khaos Dei – A L’enfant du Diable (37:46)

France. From their new album ‘Opus II: Catechism’, out through Osmose Productions.

Facebook, Osmose Productions

Bölzer – Hero (42:32)

Switzerland. Title track off their debut album, out through Iron Bonehead.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Iron Bonehead

Liminal – Walls of Sound (49:59)

Finland. Off their new ‘Fugue’ EP.

Bandcamp, Facebook

Vanha – Reaching the End (57:44)

Sweden. Off their new album ‘Within the Mist of Sorrow’, out through Black Lion Records.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Black Lion Records